Monthly Archives: March 2009


I love trying strange mixes to see what I can do with them. Some of these were just for fun at home. Some of them were inside jokes at the bar. Some I’ve used on a regular basis. More to come.

December 22, New Years warmup

I made this in December while I was putting together tracks for a demo. Making this set and listening to it (many many times) afterwards helped me make decisions for the New Years performance that Trac and I put together. There are some songs that I loved, some that I dropped, and song combinations that I played around with a lot afterwards. You’ve heard some of the tracks on here already, and it’s always fun to hear something you recognize used in a new way. Enjoy!

October 2008 Lookback

This is a mix that I made back in October. I hadn’t listened to it in such a long time. A few days ago I noticed it siting on my IPod while I was on the bus to work, and wanted to hear something different. I forgot how much I like some of my older tracks that I don’t play anymore! So here it is, ready for download. Let me know what you think, and one of these days I might make a huge mix for all my 2008 tracks. Cheers!

January – February Lookback – Part 2

One of my New Years resolutions was to stop editing myself. In the spirit of that, rather than deleting my last mix, I’ll post a better one. This set has some of the same tunes as well as some newer ones, and I’m much more pleased with the style of it. Mixing music is all about creating a mood, and even though I must have been in a bad mood last time, you might find something in it that you like. Just make sure that you enjoy this one more 😉

January – Feburary Lookback

I’ve been so busy putting this website together, that I forgot to make and post mixes! This is the first in a series of mixes to test out my new tracks for you to download and listen to. Leave your comments!

New Years Eve 2008 @ MC

Costarring DJ Trac. This is the set that we played on December 31st, 2008 in Seoul, South Korea. A lot of work went into putting these tunes together and making what is in my opinion our best set to date. Enjoy!

Side note: This set was cut short because some drunks started a fight with us. Unfortunately for the losing team, Trac pulled out his patented Polish Death Choke. Matt launched the most devastating knee to the face I’ve seen in a while, so I’ll call it the patented Drunkenator 2: Judgement Knee. reopens!

I’m going to redo my site personally (instead of it being automatically generated), so it’ll be changing a lot in the coming month. It’ll start with an out-of-the-box WordPress theme, and it will change piece by piece until it’s my own (sort of). I’ll be posting mixes a lot more frequently, as well as adding email updates, email address, and more, if I think of more. Please let me know what you think as it changes!