I love trying strange mixes to see what I can do with them. Some of these were just for fun at home. Some of them were inside jokes at the bar. Some I’ve used on a regular basis. More to come.


  1. awesome. could ou also experiment with lady gaga – poker face, justin timberlake – my love, rihanna – disturbia/rehab/live your life. xx

  2. what was that classical piece you were really into? was it chopin raindrops prelude op 25 no. 15? but i remember the song having more oomph. could have been beethoven pathetique sonata no. 13? mix it!

  3. Yeah the song I was in love with was Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata 1st Movement (Op. 13). The piano in the “Classics” clip is from that tune. So beautiful!
    Check this out

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