Tomorrow, on DI.FM Electro House channel

What’s up everyone!  We’re getting close to the end of the year, and I’m getting pretty excited to put together a year end Lookback mix covering all the most amazing electro house tracks.  This year has been incredible all around, save for a few bumps in the road, and for wicked wicked tunes its been no exception.  I’ll make a couple of mini mixes while we lead up to it…
On December 9th I have another set on DI.FMs Electro House channel.  There are a lot of good DJs on there all the time so it’s worth checking out regularly too.  My set will be at the same time as usual, 2PM EST (Toronto) / 7PM WET (London) / 4AM South Korea (Thursday morning).  Here are the links:
Click here to stream:

Also, here are a couple of new amazing tracks that you can check out, unmixed:

Lily Allen – Not Fair (Annie Nightingale & Far Too Loud Electro Mix)
Hatiras – Poppin’ Beats – Zya Remix


  1. They do replay it every once in a while… sometimes I get people subscribing to my site that listened to a mix from months ago! I just put this mix up on the site though so you can download or stream it. Jan!

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